Andy Cope

‘Spy Dog’

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The Spy Dog books are a No 1 bestselling series about Agent GM451 Codename LARA (Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal). Lara is an ordinary household mutt on the outside (other than her sticky-up ear with a bullet hole), but really the canine equivalent of James Bond, whose numerous adventures are far from ordinary. She is 63 years old (that’s in dog years of course) and speaks seven languages including English, Japanese and Dolphin. The series has been so successful there are now two spin-off series – Spy Pups and Spy Cats.

Andy Cope is an award-winning children’s author, motivational speaker and ‘happiness’ researcher. When he is not writing, he is doing events and workshops in schools across the country or giving seminars in the Art of Being Brilliant (which means being the best possible version of yourself). His events are engaging, humorous and inspiring and he’s great with a big crowd.

Andy will also deliver an Art of Being Brilliant workshop for Year 6 students at Jersey Library and a secondary school KS3 assembly.




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