CLUB SOULGENIC / SATURDAY 29 SEPTEMBER / 14.00 + 16.00 / £25 (for PMA workout to include Nude Food power ball and smoothie)

Join us at Club Soulgenic to discover The PMA Method.

The PMA Method is so much more than a fitness book. I want to teach people to never settle for feeling average and to keep striving to be the best version of themselves.”

Faisal Abdalla, aka ‘Mr PMA’, is a Nike master trainer, a master trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp and Ellie Goulding’s personal trainer. He believes that there are three golden rules to looking and feeling great: nutrition, fitness and, most importantly, a Positive Mental Attitude.

‘The more I started doing classes and also working out with my trainer, Faisal Abdalla, the better I felt about myself’. Ellie Goulding

Faisal’s PMA Method is about working hard to achieve the body you want through a positive mindset; it is about understanding how the smallest of steps can have huge results.

Featuring structured exercise routines for the body and mind as well as delicious and healthy recipes, including easy-to-make vegetarian options, The PMA Method is a comprehensive guide to achieving physical and mental health. From a hearty breakfast of Kicking Scrambled Eggs, to a post-workout lunch of Itsa Pizza Pitta, to a dinner of deliciously nutritious Thai Burgers, Faisal’s programme is all about enjoying good food as much as achieving fitness goals. Filled with tasty, ‘fakeaway’ recipes, this is a method that helps you achieve sustainable changes without leaving you feeling deprived of tasty food.

Faisal’s 14-day fitness method focuses on a combination of HIIT and strength training, meaning the focus isn’t just on fat burn but on sculpting a strong, functional and toned body that is maintainable beyond completion of the book.

Join Faisal for a unique PMA work-out at Club Soulgenic at 14.00 and 16.00 – contact Club Soulgenic on 01534 733080 or info@clubsoulgenic.co.uk to book


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