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Wed 20th Sept / 14.00-15.00 


Amara Sage

Almond Brown has no friends in real life . . . but 3.5 million followers online. A heart-felt, whip-smart deep dive into what it would really be like to be internet famous at 17: a cautionary tale for our time from a writer who has grown up with social media.

Almond was forced into the spotlight when she was just a perfectly filtered bump: her mum has been documenting their family through social media since before she was born and her family enjoy all the rewards that come from that level of influence. Only, it’s not the life Almond would have chosen for herself, and being on a platform all the time has made her anxious and insecure. When the darkest side of the internet begins to haunt her, Almond feels like she’s going to lose everything. If only she could see that she has a real life, too, full of friends and family who love her, and that it could save her.


‘A thoughtful first novel for 14+, exploring the nuances of cancel culture and the remorseless nature of internet scrutiny.’ The Guardian

Amara Sage graduated from the Bath Spa MA for Writing for Young People with a distinction. She writes contemporary, own-voice YA fiction that explores issues of body image, mental health, racial identity, and the impact that social media has on all of the above.

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