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Sun 24th Sept / 12.00 - 13.00 / £9

Anna Murphy

The Times' Fashion Director Anna Murphy’s empowering new book Destination Fabulous is a celebration of inner beauty, whilst offering a kind and balanced approach to ageing. Join her in conversation with Lucy Cotter as she shares natural tips for face rejuvenation, tricks for transforming your wardrobe and advice on navigating menopause whilst embracing gray hair.

At 50, Anna Murphy feels more visible than at any point in her life to date. Her new book, Destination Fabulous, is the toolkit you need to embrace your age and celebrate the wisdom and inner beauty that comes with it.

‘Full of uplifting advice, practical wisdom and kind intelligence: I certainly felt more fabulous after reading it.’ Elizabeth Day


Anna Murphy is Fashion Director of The Times and this is her wise, inspiring and invigorating guide to making the most of life as a grown-up woman – from the practical (how to dress your best) to the existential (how to feel your best).

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