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Sat 16th Sept / 15.00-16.00 / FREE


‘Whatever happens and if these lines survive, I entrust them with our blessing.’

These words were written on the 15th of April 1942 by Marie Sandeman in her secret, personal and unique journal of the German Occupation, for her two beloved sons who were away at school in England. Marie feared that she and her husband may never see them again.

Listen to Anne Penn, a granddaughter of the author, give a brief history of Marie and how her French handwritten manuscript came to be a book after 75 years in a cupboard. Hear extracts from the book to illustrate the horrors, heartache and deprivations suffered during these long five years. The listener will learn a little of Marie’s optimism, determination, and ability for the written word and from the extracts feel a range of emotions.

As Anne Sandeman she taught Science, was the Trident Director and Work-Related Learning Manager on the Island. There will be time for questions and a chance to purchase the book. All proceeds from the sale are shared between two charities close to Marie’s heart, namely, the British Red Cross and St Thomas’ Church.



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