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Antonia Windsor


If it sounds like a dream job to travel the world and write about it, it is. But it’s a job that every young writer with a talent for communicating a sense of place can aspire to. 

In this workshop, award-winning travel writer Antonia Windsor will guide pupils to create a piece of travel writing they are proud of and inspire them to see every holiday or day out as an opportunity to flex their travel-writing muscles. 

Beginning with a discussion about what makes travel writing engaging, and the differences and similarities it shares with other kinds of colourful non-fiction writing, we will then go straight into writing strong descriptive sentences that capture a sense of place. After sharing some of these sentences we will talk about angles and what makes a good story for a travel article, using a local example such as Elizabeth Castle or Durrell we will brainstorm the different angles an article might take on the same subject.


Pupils will then create an outline of their own article about the island that would encourage readers who don’t know Jersey to visit. They will then set about writing opening paragraphs and share these with the class. Pupils will then be encouraged to complete the rest of the article as homework to share with their teachers in their next English class. 


This workshop is suitable for secondary school pupils from Year 7 to Year 12. 



Antonia Windsor was born in Jersey and went to school at FCJ, Beaulieu, Le Rocquier and Hautlieu. She has a first-class English degree and won Freelance Writer of the Year at the 2022 Travmedia Awards for her travel writing in the Times, the Telegraph, National Geographic Traveller Magazine, Condé Nast Traveller Magazine and Country Life. Her podcast Jon and Antonia Take on the World: Saint Lucia won a Creative Tourism Award and she was a finalist in the Travel Media Awards specialist writer category for her writing on the Channel Islands. 



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