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Josh Roberts



'A magnificent account of a descent into a maelstrom of anxiety: so truthful, bold, clear, candid and convincing' - Stephen Fry

Anxious Man is a hilarious, honest and helpful memoir exploring one young man's struggles with anxiety.


One night three years ago Josh Roberts went to a party. The next morning he awoke to discover his mind has collapsed. In a matter of days he went from being a fun loving, seemingly successful twenty-something to a hot mess of tears and nerves. Eventually he was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD).


Since then, he's been mending his mind, rediscovering happiness and learning to live his nervous life. Anxious Man is the story of all this. Told with originality, wit and great humour, it's an essential guide for mental health and a thought-provoking exploration of the millennial condition.

Josh Roberts is a 28-year-old normal man person. Depending on who he's talking to, he was either born in Guildford (if he wants to sound fancy) or Woking (if he wants to be honest). After reading Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Trinity College Dublin, he did a series of jobs that he both hated and was rubbish at during which he had a breakdown - his most recent role is an Advertising Account Exec at the Financial Times.


Anxious Man is his first book, following his article for The Times about crying in the bogs at work to which he received a huge public reaction to for his honest, humourful depiction of life as a millennial male working through the ups and downs of a generalised anxiety disorder and what that entails. He currently lives in London.