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Sat 24 Sept / 11.00-13.00 
 / £15
(max 20)  

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Graham Ramsden
Parenting Workshop

Parenting is hard. And moreover, parenting teenagers is ridiculously hard. Fortunately, educational psychologist and father-of-two Dr Graham Ramsden is here to help. Drawing on nearly three decades of experience of working with young people and their parents, Graham leads us through this labyrinth with great understanding and sympathy, helping us see the world from another perspective - the other side of the greenhouse.


The Teenager in the Greenhouse combines fascinating psychological insights, vivid analogies and a healthy dose of humour to help you parent in a calmer and more controlled manner, with less stress and fewer worries - for both you and your teenager!

Dr Ramsden is an experienced and effective presenter who will guide you through an enjoyable and informative workshop around parenting teenagers. He will explore how we manage these alien creatures who mope around the house and either eat everything in the cupboards and fridge or forever challenge what is presented to them on a plate. Why is it they seem to dislike everything you do and reject everything around them?

The two-hour session will explore the factors that influence how a teenager thinks and behave. It will look at ways in which parents can start to address some of the changes that are going on inside their teenager’s befuddled brains and their ever-changing minds and bodies. The session will be lively and fun with some practical tips to help you talk to your teenagers in a way that they will listen to and respond more positively towards what you say.


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