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Sasha Bates



'Reading this book I'm in the hands of someone I would want to be by my side for the traumas of life - however small they seem, or big they loom' - Kirsty Wark

Sasha Bates is a psychotherapist whose husband, the actor and playwright Bill Cashmore, died unexpectedly at the age of 56. In Languages of Loss Sasha weaves her own experience of loss with insights from psychotherapeutic theory.


The world Sasha thought she knew and understood crumbled overnight when Bill died. Tossed into a disorientating abyss of grief, she turned to writing and found her ‘therapist self’ entering the conversation - using therapeutic theory to help her ‘grieving self’ navigate the unwelcome new world into which she had been thrust.


The intense and heart-breaking personal experience Sasha undergoes sits alongside all that she has learnt about grief over years of counselling others. The result is a moving, powerful and informative dual narrative account of how grief works, how it feels and how it can be managed; a searingly honest account of losing a loved one, and a practical guide to help anyone who is grieving.


Sasha hopes Languages of Loss will start a necessary and overdue conversation about death and grief by breaking down taboos and finding humour and light amid the depressing, agonising reality. It is essential reading for anyone going through grief and loss and for anyone supporting others in their grief.