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Sat 24 Sept / 18.00-19.00 
 / £6-10 

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Dan Rhodes

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Dan Rhodes is one of the most successful and beloved YouTuber and TikTok influencers in the world with more than 5 billion views on YouTube and the most viewed personal post ever – over 300 million views – on TikTok.

In this, his debut book, Dan brings together the love and joy he has continually derived from magic – from the very first moment he received a magic kit from his parents when he was six years old setting him on his journey from amateur magician to global TikTok and YouTube star – and the book also gives tips and insights into how you could become a social media inspiration too.

With striking illustrations throughout and clear ‘trick guides’ to help young magicians get started – along with some really impressive sleights of hand for the more experienced illusionist – Dan’s book also contains a fascinating history of the craft of the magician, highlighting the skill and dedication it takes to become a true master.

Join Dan at the Festival of Words for an event that promises to be fun for all the family, and a must-see for any budding young magicians (or future Tik-Tok stars!)

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