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Jenny LeCoat



Jenny was born in Jersey and her family history has become a source of inspiration for her work as her parents were raised under German Occupation.


She made her name as a feminist stand-up on the alternative comedy circuit in the 80s and since then has worked as a successful screenwriter for television shows such as EastEnders and The Catherine Tate Show and the critically acclaimed feature film Another Mother’s Son, released in cinemas in 2017 by Bill Kenwright Films. 


Hedy’s War, her first novel, is based on true events; in 1940, young Hedy Bercu, a Jewish girl escaping the Anschluss, found herself trapped on the tiny island of Jersey when Nazi Germany invaded the British Channel Islands.


The extraordinary story of her struggle for survival, including the role played by a serving officer of the occupying forces, was first documented over fifty years later, and is the foundation of this fictionalised account.