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Heather Burton

Sat 23rd Sept / 10.30-11.30

Heather's House of Stories

 A joyful interactive story show for children aged 5 - 11 and their grown-ups!


The Story Keeper loves the books in The Magical Library where the aisles go on for miles, full of all the stories ever written or told...but reports are coming in of books with missing pages, pictures that have disappeared... someone is stealing all the happy endings! 


There is a rumour going round (in nervous whispers) that the Book Gobbler is causing mischief at Storytime and The Magical Library is next on his list! Come along and help the Story Keeper save her magical library, where everyone is welcome, stories are powerful, and no-one is ever alone. 


Heather is thrilled to return to Jersey library with this magical tale that gets right to heart of the power of a story and the importance of our libraries. 


"Mysterious, mischievous, calm and hypnotic. Like a fairy dressed as ordinary folk, I felt like she was telling the story just for me"



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