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21st Sept / 12.00-13.00 
FREE for schools (Yrs 3-6) 

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Iszi Lawrence

The Time Machine Next Door is an exciting new series of quirky historical books for readers aged 7-9. Written by comedian, podcaster and children's author Iszi Lawrence,these books bring lesser-known parts of history to life with hilarious plots, real-life characters,fascinating facts and fantastic illustrations.

Perfect for fans of Horrible Histories. Iszi Lawrence is a rising star of children’s historical fiction. She is also very funny and engages audiences of all ages at her brilliant events.


Time flies when you're having fun. But what does it do when you're not? Sunil is bored. Very bored. Whilst home alone, he accidentally breaks his grandfather's most prized possession and must scramble for a way to fix it.


Alex, his eccentric next-door neighbour, has anunusual solution to his problem–a time machine! Soon, Sunil is visiting the freezing, icy depths of Antarctica as a stowaway on a stranded ship and the heart of London to meetfamous astronauts–all while trying to stay away from a mysterious man with a particularly suspicious pet kiwi...


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