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Thurs 22nd Sept / 18.00-19.00 / FREE  

Cake Gestapo.jpeg

Jacqueline King

A Cake for the Gestapo is a story for middle range children, but it has been read by all ages, right up to one 100. Jacqueline King wrote it after discovering that the children in her class in England had never heard of Jersey and had no idea about the German Occupation.  As her own family had experienced it, she had plenty to draw on, as well as other veterans who asked her to tell their story.


Get ready for an event with plenty of audience participation, setting the scene for the Jersey of the 1930s and early 1940s with singing and forming a makeshift band like the characters in the book. There will be a Powerpoint presentation, readings and a few favourite Jersey recipes too and children will learn all about Conger Eels, low-water fishing and how the islanders survived those locked-in years…mostly by their sense of humour and incredible strength of character.

À bétôt and see you there...

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