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Sun 25 Sept / 12.00 
 / £8 

Rewards System.jpeg

Jem Calder

Julia has landed a fresh start - at a 'pan-European' restaurant.
'Imagine that,' says her mother.
'I'm imagining.'

Nick is flirting with sobriety and nobody else. Did you know: adults his age are now more likely to live with their parents than a romantic partner?

It feels like life should have started to take shape by now - but instead we're trying on new versions of ourselves, swiping left and right, and searching for a convincing answer to the question: 'What do you do?'

Reward System is a set of ultra-contemporary and electrifyingly fresh fictions, of a generation on the cusp, meshed in Zooms and lockdowns, loneliness and love.

Jem Calder was born in Cambridge, and lives and works in London. His first two completed stories were published in The Stinging Fly and Granta.

'Reward System is an exhilarating and beautiful book by an extraordinarily gifted writer. Reading these stories, I found myself thinking newly and differently about contemporary life.' - Sally Rooney

Jem will be interviewed by Martha MacDonald

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