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Kate Rowe-Ham - SophieMitchellPhotograph

Sun 29 Sept / 12.30 -13.30 / £9 

Kate Rowe-Ham

Kate Rowe-Ham is a renowned personal trainer, regularly appearing on national TV and radio, in her crusade to help women combat menopause and perimenopause symptoms through exercise and lifestyle. Having found herself de-railed in her early forties due to perimenopause, Kate discovered that HRT wasn’t the instant fix that she’d expected, and thus turned to adapting her exercise, eating and drinking habits. Since implementing these lifestyle choices and seeing the instant positive impact, she has been a champion of sustainable changes in other menopausal women’s lives ... all of which she says is possible within just 30 days!


Join BBC Radio’s Sara Palmer, who will be in conversation with Kate, for what will no doubt be an empowering event full of inspirational advice.


Kate Rowe-Ham is a trusted expert in menopause fitness and nutrition. Through the creation of her app Owning Your Menopause and her social media platforms Kate has already supported thousands of women in the UK and globally who are experiencing challenging menopause symptoms. Kate also appears regularly on podcasts, tv, radio and at wellness events around the country, spreading the word about the life- changing benefits of moving more and exercise.

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