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Sun 25 Sept / 15.00 
 / £8  


Luke Healy

Author and illustrator Luke Healy’s latest book is a beautifully drawn graphic novel exploring the lives of friends Frank and Georgio. Frank only wanted three things this year - to perform stand-up comedy, go to therapy, and to keep his houseplants alive. Then Giorgio got hit by a bus.


As Frank moves in with Giorgio to help him recover, he begins to suspect that the perfect life Giorgio has been sharing online may be nothing more than a web of lies and scams. Finding himself unable to disentangle himself from his friend's complicated life, has Frank become Giorgio's unwitting accomplice?


Luke Healy is the author of three graphic novels, and dozens of short stories. His first book, How to Survive in the North, was selected as a book of the year by Publishers Weekly, The Washington Post andThe Irish Examiner. Americana (And the Act of Getting Over It), an autobiographical account of his attempt to walk from Mexico to Canada, was a Guardian Best Book of 2019.

Luke will be interviewed by Richard Pedley

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