#myland Competition - Results

We had a range of wonderful entries for our #myland competition, all from children in the 8-12 category. As such, we've decided to award TWO winners and use the remaining prize money to recognise three other 8-12 entries (from ORLA BRADY, EWEN STEVENSON, JACOB LEWIS) that our judges felt were particularly commendable, each of whom will receive £20 each.

Our overall winners for this category were RAFE WATKINS and MILLIE ECOBICHON. Well done to both!

WINNER: Hidden Leaf by Rafe Watkins

On my island the tiny, ancient village of the Hidden Leaf nestles in the shadow of the magnificant Mount Amateras.

The village has only 26 traditional Japanese houses, two Hokage mansions and a tension-filled, imposing battle stadium. The Hokage literally means 'fire shadow'.

In the village the people live in fear of the rocky volcano erupting. Next to the village is a cliff edge, that not only gives protection from the enemies, but also the bitter winter's Northern winds.

The village formed here to take advantage of the rich volcanic soil and the close links to the sea. This has allowed them to export goods to other lands, which has allowed them to survive.

After a particularly violent battle against the village hidden in the mist, the Hokage decided to build a strong sturdy wall so that it wouldn't happen again. Mount Amateras last erupted 200 years ago and the village elders believe its time is coming and the village awaits the mighty Fire God's wrath...

WINNER: The Isle of Enchantment by Millie Ecobichon

As I studied the crystal-clear, aqua-marine coloured water, a minute, apprehensive-looking fish swam by. The bow of the boat slicing through the water seemed so satisfying. Unsurprisingly, we barely ever get this weather in Alaska, not even in summer. Yet here we are, on this fine day in July, feeling slightly warmer. I cannot wait to start learning about these fascinating animals. I could discover, create and explore. Suddenly, my thoughts came to an abrupt halt and I came crashing back to reality. 

“Right” declared the foreboding, stern voice of Mrs. Finch, the science teacher. “You may now go into the water and start your research. Ada, pencil down” rang her sharp, clear tone, suggesting that she was someone you would not want to cross. Oh, have I forgotten, I must introduce myself: Ada Le Brun, Year 10, fifteen years old. I love nature and hope to become a Marine Biologist, but, back to the story, I am writing an essay on the fish of Kotzebue Bay, the inhabitants and place.

As many people plunged their feet in the icy water, fish darted this way and that, though as I noted this mentally, my eyes studiously swept over the scene. I descended in, and the fish were as calm as can be, however I felt streaks of cold fire shooting painfully up my legs. Despite the water’s welcoming appearance, a cold, unforgiving sea lay underneath. I swam a small way from the jostling crowd of people, to an area where I could study in peace. Little did I know, a storm was brewing. The sky growing increasingly dark, rain thrashing down, thunder booming, lightning raging. “Into the boat, now!” screeched Mrs. Finch, all sense of sanity, gone. Before I could swim to safety, I was snatched away by a rip current, far far away. My heart hurtling in my ribcage, I could not fight against it. Very soon, I gave up. All I could see was darkness…

I found myself on the boat, people desperately yanking the anchor. “What is going on?” I yelled. “We are leaving, NOW!” bellowed Mrs. Finch in reply. In the distance a deadly howl pierced the sky. A wolf. Stranded. Desperately, I threw myself off the vessel, to the wolf, ignoring raging and worried shouts, I handled the poor animal, and spied an island, and raced to it. Moments later, I saw the boat being launched away by the ocean. I spread my palm across the surface of the sea, and begged to get to shore. In an instant, a wave came, I body surfed it with the wolf in my arms; off to the shore. I released it, and turned to look at the storm, my hands outstretched I watched it calm.


As I walked hesitantly through the forest at the foot of a majestic mountain range, balanced precariously with snow dumped on it, a tree was at the summit of the mountain. I went further, and stumbled upon a set of deep amber eyes belonging to a pearly-white Arctic Fox; its head held high with dignity, its bottle-brush tail stroked the tree that stood in the scenic, picturesque landscape, then superiorly stalking off into the heavenly, chalk-white depths of the forest. The wispy fluffy clouds glided by overhead, matching the islands choice of decoration. The atmosphere was content and blissful, and I had a feeling of pure exhilaration. I strode on, eventually coming to a sign bearing the words:

The Isle of Enchantment.

A magical island where thy spirits are sent down from the Tree of Spirits. Thus, the island has lived in this place, situated off the coast of Alaska, before humans crossed the earth. Only the cave of answers knows, though no soul knows where the cave of answers is.

Oh, wow, could this be why I always had a slight feeling I knew what animals were thinking, why I could practically calm storms, make waves, even conjure water? Right, that was random; but now I know one thing: I have to find that cave…

Isle Enchantment.jpg

COMMENDED: My Dream Island by Orla Brady

The sun was glistening, the seagulls squawking and the sea splashing around me. As I slowly sat up people crowded around me. “We have a new friend,” they screamed excitedly! “Welcome to Rainbow Island!”


The locals on Rainbow Island were very welcoming and loved to have visitors they showed me around. It was a stunning island! It had boat in the sea where the locals slept and there was one separate room where Kina, the tribe leader, slept.


A blue and orange diving board led straight into the sea with a smaller one next to it. There was also a mega and mini slide going into the water. On the way up the mega one you could have a look at the fish tank, cleverly installed so if there is a queue so you don’t get bored! There was also a restaurant that’s served the best sushi in the world!!! (My opinion!) They told me about the laws of the island - they only have 6!

  1. Have fun

  2. Be kind

  3. Stay safe

  4. Good vibes only

  5. Think positive 

  6. Never climb the rock


You may be wondering what the rock is, well I am about to tell you. 123 years ago a man called Dick Highn climbed the rock in the corner of the island. It is about 83 metres tall. He set of 11th June 1897 and he was never seen again! 


COMMENDED: The Land of the Golden Carp by Ewan Stevenson


Hello, my name is Ewan and I am a fisherman who collects fish and sells them for money; which is what fisherman do. One usual day, I was in my lucky boat,  called “lucky”, and a huge glittery, golden fish jumped above my head! I was so startled I tripped backwards and into the sea. Then, a humongous wave came and knocked me out: I must have been unconscious for ages, because I woke up on a new island -  there was no sand, just concrete and metal poles that looked like trees.


I noticed the people there were not acting normal,  one was drinking petrol! I suddenly realized this was a robot island! I did not want to get spotted or they might attack me! I picked up my phone to call home, but there was no Internet! As I stared back across the sea, I saw a golden trail. The golden carp must be here! I started my trek around the island until the trail came to an abrupt end. The trail was going from water to land? This was one unusual fish, it was sort of like an amphibian.


I followed the trail all day and all night  - it went over mountains and lakes and valleys, I knew I couldn’t stop otherwise I might lose it. Then, in the distance, I saw a blob jumping; it was golden. It was the golden carp! I ran and ran I was so close until it rapidly sped up a hill; but soon I realized that this was no hill,  it was none other than an active volcano!   

I had to be careful -  this could be what makes be rich, or it could be the way I die; I approached the carp carefully and then I grabbed it. I sprinted across the concrete beach, when suddenly the volcano started shooting fire balls. I had to escape, so I threw a log into the sea, (a wooden log) as I got far away from the island I started to get sucked into a triangle  - The Bermuda Triangle -  that meant the whole time I was inside a new dimension, I was taken home immediately. All I have to say is I am NOT going again and I only recommend this to people who like DEATH DEFYING experiences.

COMMENDED: Myland by Jacob Lewis

I drove a rib boat out further than I had ever been, leaving the land far behind. The boat skipped across the water like a stone on a lake. I stopped the boat and jumped in the water to do some snorkelling. Then a giant wave appeared out of nowhere and carried the boat away! I came up from under the water and shouted "come back you thief !" But it was no use, the watery blaggard had taken it.

I saw the shape of what looked like the shape of trees in the distance so I paddled  towards it. Finally I arrived at the island:  It was a tiny island,  so when I walked up the beach I could see both sides of it.  One side was full of pelicans squawking and diving in the sea; on the other there was a lost colony of polar bears, lazing in the sun and scooping fish out of the sea, they didn't seem to miss the North Pole. 


I thought "this is a great place" then I heard foot steps behind me. There was a man standing there, holding a clipboard, wearing a shirt and tie and trousers - he looked very hot and uncomfortable. He looked over his glasses at me and said "Oh, we weren't expecting anyone today. Never mind come with me."


I said "sorry who are you?"


He blinked and said "don't you know where you are? This is Maths island." 

"Whaaaaaa?" I shuddered.


"It’s the most wonderful place in the world. Maths all day, every day, all year long".


So I turned around and jumped back in the water and was picked up by a passing oil tanker three hours later.