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Wed 20th Sept / 10.30-11.30
Free for Schools (Yr 7/8)

Nathanael Lessore

In this event, Nathanael shows how you can use all sides of creativity to express yourself and how one can complement the other. A celebration of finding your voice, creativity and rap culture – Steady for This handles real-world issues for contemporary teens with lightness of touch. Themes include: race, class, disability and mental health.

Shaun (aka MC Growls) is ready to drop his best bars and smash the competition at Raptology. That way, he's convinced Tanisha, his crush, will finally give him a chance.

But when a livestream practice goes epically wrong, Growls's dirty laundry is literally exposed. He's finally achieved his dreams of going viral - not in the good way.

Now Tanisha won't look at him, he's the joke of the school and there's no way he can show his face at the competition. Will he ever catch a break?

Then a new girl on the block appears who might be just the friend Growls needs. Especially when she points out that Raptology could be the answer to his problems after all. . .

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