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Sat 24 Sept / 20.30-21.30 
 / £8

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Otto English

An alternative history of the world that exposes some of the biggest lies ever told and how they've been used over time. 

Lincoln did not believe all men were created equal. 

The Aztecs were not slaughtered by the Spanish Conquistadors. 

And Churchill was not the man that people love to remember. 

In this fascinating new book, journalist and author Otto English takes ten great lies from history and shows how our present continues to be manipulated by the fabrications of the past.  He looks at how so much of what we take to be historical fact is, in fact, fiction. From the myths of WW2 to the adventures of Columbus, and from the self-serving legends of 'great men' to the origins of curry – fake history is everywhere and used ever more to impact our modern world. 

Setting out to redress the balance, English tears apart the lies propagated by politicians and think tanks, the grand narratives spun by populists and the media, the stories on your friend's Facebook feed and the tales you were told in childhood. And, in doing so, reclaims the truth from those who have perverted it. 

Fake History exposes everything you weren't told in school and why you weren't taught it. 

'A brilliant and important book ... Five Stars!' Mark Dolan, talkRADIO 

'An important new book,' Daily Express 

Otto English is the pen name of author and journalist Andrew Scott. From 2010, Scott began writing and tweeting about politics and history, gaining attention for an itinerant blog, he moved into journalism and has since written for Politico, The Independent, New Statesman, among other publications. He lives in South East London.

Otto will be interviewed by Sarfraz Manzoor.

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