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Wed 21 Sept /  18.00-19.00 
 / £8-10

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Peter James

Peter James is a UK No.1 bestselling author, best known for writing crime and thriller novels, and the creator of the much-loved Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. With a total of 19 Sunday Times No 1.'s under his belt, he has achieved global book sales of over 21 million copies to date, and has been translated into 38 languages. Join him in conversation with Richard Pedley discussing his brand new novel.


Professional art dealer Charlie Porteous has come into possession of an expensive, highly sought after painting by the renowned artist, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, rumoured to be part of a priceless four-piece collection.


Soon after making one of the sweetest purchases of his life, Porteous meets with a sticky end and the artwork goes missing. Several years later, Freya and Harry Kipling accidentally stumble upon what might be another of the priceless missing Fragonard masterpieces at a car boot sale. Filled with hope, the couple take the painting to the Antiques Road Show to be assessed, but going public with a priceless piece comes at a cost. The Kiplings take the painting to a former art forger, based on the real-life artist David Henty, to replicate the piece as insurance, but soon get caught up in the dubious dealings of the art world... It’s not long before Roy Grace connects these events with the Charlie Porteous cold case.

Picked as one of the ‘most anticipated shows of 2021’ (BBC, Telegraph, Daily Express and many more) ITV’s ongoing adaptation continues to introduce television audiences to the world of Roy Grace. Filmed in Brighton, it stars John Simm as Roy Grace and Richie Campbell as DS Glenn Branson.

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