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A Message from Deputy Kirsten Morel

The speed with which the Festival of Words has developed from being a fledging event to a festival of international standard and one of the most important cultural events in the Island’s calendar is breath-taking. This success is due to the passion, vision and determination of the organising committee and all the volunteers who support them. They are completely committed to the Festival and, as a festival-goer over the past years, I’d personally like to thank them for all their hard work.

The Festival of Words also tells us something important about Jersey: Our Island is an excellent place to create and nurture new ideas. In the past, such success has often been despite Government rather than in partnership with Government but my team and I want to change that – and now is the time. We are proud to provide support to the Festival of Words because it has proven to deliver extraordinary value to our community and to the arts and cultural life of Jersey. We want to help the festival dust itself down from the disruption of Covid and at the same time, enable it to take the next steps in its growth and evolution. We also believe that our partnership with the festival demonstrates a new model of Government partnership with arts, culture and heritage organisations; enabling, supporting and advocating for our Island’s cultural richness, and giving birth to new and exciting endeavours that make Jersey a better place for us all. I can’t wait for this year’s Festival of Words and I hope to see you there.

Deputy Kirsten Morel,

Assistant Minister with responsibility for Arts

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