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Support for JFOW from the Jersey Community Foundation

This year's Jersey Festival of Words will be supported by the Jersey Community Foundation, with funds from the Channel Island Lottery.

'The Jersey Community Foundation are delighted to be providing funding to support the Jersey Literary Festival’s Children’s, Well-being & Environmental programmes,' says CEO Anna Terry. 'It’s great to see multiple organisations working together to make these programmes a success, and the ambition to broaden the scope of these enjoyable events by providing a range of family events in multiple languages, which will bring enormous benefit to the arts sector and beyond.'

The Jersey Literary Festival Association wishes to extend its gratitude to the Jersey Community Foundation for their support. Anna confesses that she's 'spent the last two years almost exclusively reading books about philanthropy for my Master’s' and is 'currently looking forward to getting lost in something a little lighter.'

We'll see what we can do!

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