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Sat 28th Sept / 12.00 / £9

Rosie Bell / Panel Discussion

The Climate Majority Project is a collaborative anthology aiming to inspire a vital new wave of mainstream citizen climate action amid intensifying ecological breakdown. Join us for a powerful event, which will include a presentation from co-author and editor of the book - Rosie Bell - on the work of The Climate Majority organisation, followed by a panel discussion chaired by Richard Pallot (Channel TV) including former Deputy Jonathan Renouf, Affinity Wealth Group Director Russell Waite and Taylor Smythe of Hypha Consulting.


Joininh the panelists (virtually) will be Rosie Bell, a writer working primarily in public climate narrative and inner-outer transformation for sustainability. Rosie brings an academic background in philosophy (University of Edinburgh) and political communication (University of Sheffield) to a decade of work with think tanks, NGOs, thought leaders, and wellbeing innovators. 


Rosie will join the event by zoom link, feeling unable to justify a cross-channel flight to talk about climate impacts: 


"I don't believe that people who work in climate should never fly for work - to influence change often requires your physical presence in the room. Sadly however, people are often eager for an excuse to dismiss climate advocacy - and taking a flight to talk about it can seem to supply one, before the conversation has even begun. So I warmly invite you to come and join this conversation, even though I'll be attending remotely. I look forward to sharing the work and words of the Climate Majority Project with you.”

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