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Fri 27th Sept / 19.00-20.00  / £15

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John Nettles



John Nettles, author of Jewels and Jackboots – a comprehensive account of Hitler’s occupation of the Channel Islands, returns with the first unabridged English translation of the diary of Baron Von Aufsess, a commanding officer of the German Civilian Administration which was originally based in Jersey during the Occupation. The diary was first published in German in 2020, and has now been fully translated into English (by Robert and Susanne Crooker) offering a detailed documentation of the Baron’s innermost thoughts. The diary reveals the Baron as a multi-lingual aspiring intellectual as well as a notorious womaniser. From unapologetic opinions on contemporaries, to behind-the-scenes wrangling amongst the German command as food supplies dwindled after D-Day in June 1944, Nettles illustrated talk will offer an in-depth look at Jersey’s Occupation from a fascinating point of view.


John Nettles OBE is an English actor and author best known for his starring roles as detectives in the crime drama television series Bergerac, as well as Midsomer Murders. He is also author of Jewels and Jackboots, and editor of Ord Diaries 1940-1945


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